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Making A Planning Application

Before making a planning application, it is a good idea to talk to Meath County Council for advice. This may save you long delays later on. To do this you can arrange to have a pre-planning meeting with one of our planners to guide you in the right direction, details of what you will need to do are on our Pre-Planning Clinics page. Also if you are employing an architect, he/she will normally make the application on your behalf. 

Meath County Council will be able to give you advice about

  • how to apply
  • whether your proposals are likely to comply with the development plan
  • what other documents you will need
  • what the fee will be and any other requirements.

Additional Pre-Application Information 

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to familiarise yourself with the relevant links below, if they apply to your application (these links are also located to the left of your screen). This will allow you to view additional information relevant to your circumstances, before submitting your application.

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To apply for planning permission complete the following steps:

The following information will take you step by step through making a planning application. The Planning Permission Application Pack is to be submitted when applying for permission for one-off houses in a rural location, commercial, agricultural, residential developments, etc.

  1. Download and complete the planning permission application pack below. If you need any help please see our Contact Planning page
  2. Advertise proposed application in any of the newspapers and submit this notice with application within 14 days of the advertisement
  3. Place a Site Notice adjacent to the site
  4. Submit complete application form together with appropriate fee and the required documents listed below:
  • *A location map (6 copies)
  • *Site or layout plan (6 copies)
  •   Other plans, elevations and sections (6 copies)
  • *Copies of public notices (newspaper and site)
  • *A plan showing the position of a site notice or notices
  •   Local Needs Form if applicable (the local needs form is only required for one-off housing)
  • *The appropriate fee
  • *Where appropriate, a certificate issued by the Planning Authority verifying that the development
      proposed is for no more than 4 houses or for housing development on land of 0.1 hectares or less. If 
      such a certificate has been  applied for but not issued, a copy of the application, which itself must meet
      specific requirements, will suffice.

If the application is for outline permission only, the documents marked * in the above list must be submitted. This is to enable the Planning Authority to make a decision in relation to the siting, layout or other proposals for development in the application.

County Meath Planning Permission Application Pack

This application pack is for all areas of the county.


Comhairle Contae na Mí: Foirm Iarratais Phleanála doc, 146kb

Local Needs Form - Rural Housing Planning Applications doc, 35kb

Planning Permission Application form (amended 14-09-15) doc, 366kb

Meath County Newspaper Notice pdf, 24kb

County Meath Site Notice doc, 16kb

Newspaper Notice for Further Information doc, 28kb

Site Notice for Further Information doc, 27kb

Fees pdf, 22kb