Sports and Activities

This section provides information on activities to do in the Boyne Valley and to suit all tastes and interests.

Winged horses and wise fish

All the magic Boyne Valley has to offer can be found to great effect in the many sporting activities in the county. Walks are more invigorating. Horses run faster, jump higher and keep pace longer. It does something to the fish. They're not only bigger and bolder in the Boyne Valley but rumour has it some can even talk. And as for golf courses - better hold onto your clubs!

Aonach Tailteann

The Boyne Valley even had its own Olympic games well before the Greeks has theirs. They were called Aonach Tailteann. Mythical young warriors tested their strength and prowess in a medley of the usual events: wrestling, boxing, chariots races, swimming horses through the river at dawn and sham aquatic fights. For this last one, an artificial lake was created, showing how seriously the games organisers took their responsibility for providing the proper sports facilities. Right from the start, sporting in the Boyne Valley has meant giving that little bit extra.

Chariot racing and sham aquatic fights have been replaced by racing and water sports and while walkers and cyclists will not see too many horses swimming the river at dawn, they will see a few early morning fishermen in pursuit of the Boyne Valley wily fish or golfers chasing that elusive par. Read on to learn more about sports on offer in the Boyne Valley.