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Duleek is situated in the quiet valley of the Nanny River. St. Patrick founded a church here in the 5th century.  There are remains of St. Patrick's Church (the first stone church in Ireland). It is also fascinating to note that Duleek was the first Diocese in Ireland and that St. Cianan founded an abbey here.
In later centuries the town was frequently raided by the Norsemen but somehow the small community managed to survive. A 9th century high cross has scenes of the crucifixion and Holy Family.

One of the O' Kelly family founded an abbey here around the 12th century dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1182 Hugh de Lacy, to whom the district fell, founded St. Michael's Grange and there are ruins to be seen still there today along with many other intriguing ruins.

St. Mary's Abbey Duleek  Duleek Abbey At Night  

In the main street of Duleek is a monument known as a wayside cross. The shaft bears the shield and coat of arms of the Bathe and Dowdall families. Janet Dowdall erected it in 1901 to the memory of her husband William de Bathe. There are four wayside crosses in the parish all donated by the Bath/Dowdall family,


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