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Well Grants

What is a Well Grant?

A Well Grant is a grant to bore a new well, upgrade existing well or install an treatment system.

Am I Eligible for a Well Grant?

You are eligible for a Well Grant if:

  • House is over 7 years old,
  • You haven’t received a grant to house within last 7 years and
  • You're not connected on a public water supply.

The grant is a maximum of €2031.58 or 75% of overall cost of works, whichever is the lesser.
An initial inspection has to be carried our prior to any works been done.

What is the Well Grant Scheme For?

The Well Grant Scheme is to assist households, dependent on private individual water supplies, who are incurring capital expenditure to:

  • Provide a piped supply of water for domestic purposes, or
  • Remedy serious deficiencies in an existing supply of water for domestic purposes.

Apply for a Well Grant

Apply for a Well Grant online or complete the Well Grant form below.

Well Grant Application Form pdf, 267kb

Well Grants Guide doc, 130kb