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EPA Waste Water Discharge Licences

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What is waste water?

Waste water is generated in our home and businesses from showers, toilets, sinks, washings etc. It is collected in a network of pipes known as a sewer system and conveyed to a waste water treatment plant for processing.

How does a waste water treatment plant work?

Firstly the waste water arrives to the treatment plant from the sewer network. Debris such as rags and grit are removed using large screens. This screened debris is then sent to a skip and eventually the contents of this skip will be sent for landfill.

The screened waste water then passes into large tanks known as aeration basins. This is where the biological treatment of the waste water takes place. In these tanks naturally forming microorganisms breakdown the waste in the water, in turn cleaning the water.

This mix of clean water and microorganisms then naturally separate in large tanks known as clarifiers. The clean water then flows out to the river and the microorganism are returned to the aeration tank to treat more waste water.

Who regulates the discharge from Meath County Councils waste water treatment plants?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the discharges from all our waste water treatment plants in County Meath. The aim of these licences is to ensure that discharges do not have any significant impact on the receiving water body (e.g. river).

Who do I contact with regard to a waste water treatment plant in Co.Meath?

The Water Services Department of Meath County Council (On behalf of Irish Water) is responsible for looking after all the waste water treatment plants in County Meath. You can reach us by

Telephone: 1850 278 278 (LoCall) - Irish Water  (Normal Working Hours)

1890 445 335 (After Hours)


Is there an Emergency contact number for Meath County Council?

Yes, the Emergency Contact Number is 1890 445 335.

How many treatment plants are there in County Meath?

There are approximately 40 waste water treatment plants in County Meath. 33 of these plants are operated by Meath County Council (on behalf of Irish Water) and 7 are operated by EPS Ireland on behalf of Irish Water.

How can I find out more information on a particular wastewater treatment plants in County Meath?

To find out more about waste water treatment plants in County Meath simply click on the following link:
Waste Water Treatment Plants & Discharge Licences
In here you will find links to the EPA website for each plant and all associated information including maps, applications and license details.