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Private Regulated Water Supplies

If your water supply is from a private source i.e. borehole or river, and supplies over 50 persons on average or has a commercial or public interest this is a deemed a Private Regulated Water Supply.  
All private regulated water supplies must be registered with Meath County Council. Registration enquiries and/ or requests should be made through the Environment and Water Services Department by emailing

Meath County Council has a duty under the European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations 2014 to monitor the quality of private regulated drinking water supplies within the county. Monitoring of water supplies at consumer taps in the county is carried out by Meath County Council. We then provide the reports from our tests to the Environmental Protection Agency who assess and publish their own reports on the drinking water quality.

In the case of private regulated water supplies, the Meath County Council is the supervisory authority. They have the same role that the EPA has for public supplies. If a private regulated water supply falls below the Drinking Water Regulations standards, the local authority notifies the owner of the scheme.

The owner must submit an action programme to the local authority which will address the problem within a certain timescale. The local authority has legal enforcement powers if appropriate action is not taken.

For all regulated private water supplies, the HSE is informed if there is a potential danger to human health and agrees remedial actions with the local authority for the protection of public health.

To find out more visit Online Private Regulated Water Quality Information System.