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Winter Gritting Routes

Zoom in to view Roads in detail. Click on a Road to see the Road Priority. Roads shown in colours:
Priority 1 - Red
Priority 2 - Yellow
Priority 3 - Green

Route Designation






Level of Service



Priority 1 - Red



All National Primary and National Secondary routes within Meath.



To be treated during all weather events



Priority 2 - Yellow



80% of all Regional Roads as shown on the Winter Gritting Map.



To be treated as part of the normal winter service but may have interruptions to treatment in certain severe weather events



Priority 3 - Green



Plattin Road to Mornington via Colpe cross (Roads: L-16111-15, L-16111-0, L-1611-0 & R108-0 into Drogheda)


Not treated as part of the normal winter service but may receive intermittent treatment during certain severe weather events




Treatment Route



Priority 1



Priority 2



Priority 3



Mobilisation Time



1 hr



1 hr



When possible



Treatment Time



2 hr



2 hrs



When possible




Service Limitations

Despite the resources that are applied to providing the winter service, ice-free roads cannot be guaranteed.  The motorist should remember the following:

  • Approximately 85% of roads are NOT routinely salted.
  • In Ireland there are a high proportion of marginal nights when temperatures are very close to zero.  This makes it more difficult to accurately predict frost than in colder countries. As a consequence Met Eireann can only guarantee 85% accuracy in their forecasts. 
  • It can take up to 3 hours to salt a route, so any journey may start or end on an untreated section of the route. 
  • In heavy rain, salt can be washed away and the wet surface may subsequently freeze if the temperature falls below zero. 
  • In cases of extended severe weather events, the network salted may have to be reduced to Priority 1 routes.

Winter Maintenance Schedule 

Meath County Council provides the following winter service: 

  • 24/7 monitoring of road conditions from the middle of October until the end of April, using detailed predictions provided by Met Eireann, roadside weather stations, and ice prediction software.
  • A fleet of 10 dedicated spreaders is used to spread salt on a strategic network of over 610 kilometers of Priority 1 and 2 roads whenever road frosts are forecast.  This network is detailed in the map above. 
  • 10 lorry-mounted snow ploughs for use during significant snow/sleet conditions.  
  • M1 (Dublin-Belfast), M2 (Ashbourne Bypass), M3 (Clonee-Kells) and M4 (Dublin-Sligo/Galway) taken care of by private entities – Priority 1 routes.


Funding for the salting of the National Road network is provided to Meath County Council by Transport Infrastructure Ireland. We make limited resources available from our own maintenance funds for the salting of approximately half of the regional routes. 

In exceptional circumstances other stretches may be salted when assessed on a case by case basis – Priority 3.  Our resources are fully utilised – there are no plans to increase resources at present.