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Road Opening Licenses

 A Road Opening Licence is required to open a public road, footpath or grass verge to carry out any of the following:

  • Water/Sewer Connections
  • Lowering of footpaths
  • Footpath reconstruction
  • Pipelaying etc


How To Apply

Road Opening Licence applications must be made through the online MRL System (MapRoad Roadworks Licensing) at www.RMO.IE


  •  A minimum fee of €250 applies.
  • The fee for each Road Opening Licence is calculated on an individual basis
  • Administration Charge: €200.00
  • Roads @ €15 per linear metre
  • Footpaths @ €10 per linear metre
  • Grass Margin @ €2.50 per linear metre
  • Road Crossing National Road €2,000 or €1,000,
  • Road Crossing Regional Road €1,000 or €500,
  • Road Crossing County Road €500 or €250
  • Bond fee of €1,000 (minimum) may apply depending on the extent of the works