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N2 Slane Bypass

A bypass for Slane has been a long-standing objective of Meath County Council and has the support of  the majority of the local residents, who have campaigned for its construction for many years. In December 2009, Meath County Council submitted an Environmental Impact Statement and Compulsory Purchase Order for a bypass of the village to An Bord Pleanála. The proposed bypass was routed to the east of Slane, between the village and the World Heritage Site at Brú na Bóinne. Following an Oral Hearing, held between February and April 2011, An Bord Pleanála subsequently refused permission for the construction of the bypass in March 2012.

 In citing its reasons and considerations for refusal, the Board stated that having regard to the importance and sensitivity of the location, a bypass of the type proposed could only be considered where it had been demonstrated that no appropriate alternative was available.

The Board indicated that it was not satisfied that alternatives to the bypass were adequately explored.

 There is unanimous agreement that the potential safety risks that affect the future well-being of all road users and communities, particularly the Slane community, must be addressed. The Council is committed, in conjunction with the NRA, to reviewing its proposals in light of the Board’s decision. However, it will seek to protect the corridor of the bypass as submitted to An Bord Pleanála in December 2009 pending the outcome of its investigations.


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