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County Meath Development Plan 2007-2013

The Development Plan sets out a vision and an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the County for a six-year period. The Meath County Development Plan 2007-2013 must take account of various national and regional strategies and guidelines. The Plan reflects consultation with the general public and other interested bodies.

The making of the County Development Plan, Local Area Plans, any variation of a plan and any material contravention of the plan is a function reserved to the elected members of the Council. The Council must take the necessary steps to implement the objectives which are contained in the development plan.

The County Meath Development Plan 2007-2013  was adopted on 02nd March 2007 and came into effect on Thurs 22nd March 2007. This plan has now expired. 

  • Volume I (Objectives for the County at Large) inclusive of the accompanying book of maps the Record of Protected Structures (Appendix V) with accompanying book of maps and (Appendix VI) Landscape Character Assessment inclusive of the accompanying book of maps; Environment Statement.
  • Volume II individual Local Area Plans


To request a Record of Protected Structures Map (Listed Building map). Open grid map, zoom into the area you require and note the sheet number. Then email a request for a RPS map sheet No. XX to