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Work Programme

It’s important to understand what the landscape is like today, how it came to be like that so that we can determine how to manage it into the future.  The project will progress objectives and policies contained in the County Meath Development Plan 2007-2013 which proposes to designate a Landscape Conservation Area.  The following is a brief outline of the work programme:

Phase 1: Conception and Research

• review of existing published material on the Tara-Skryne Landscape (including extensive site visits)
• review of international best practice in sustainable management of cultural/historic landscapes 
• collating available remote sensing and digital data (geology, soils, geomorphology, topography, archaeological sites, rivers, historical OS mapping data, aerial photography, Lidar data etc.)
• Review of existing land use policy and strategic policy documents (local, regional, national and international)
• Establishing a dedicated Geographic Information System (GIS) to present, display and analyse spatial data. This will be an important tool in the management of the Landscape Conservation Area into the future

Work Programme Phase 1 Progress Report pdf, 313kb

Phase 2: Public Participation and Education

• Raising awareness and understanding of the Tara-Skryne Landscape
• Consultation and engagement with the local community and stakeholders in a participative manner
• Establishing a project website to publicise the project, interface with the public and stakeholders and report on progress
• Identifying benefits to partners arising from designation in the economic, social and environmental spheres of activity

Work Programme Phase 2 Progress Report pdf, 253kb

Phase 3   Management Plan

• Putting in place an agreed Management Plan for the Area

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