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Pay Parking - Kells

Kells Paid Parking Initiative

Pay Parking is in operation between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 hours Monday to Saturday.

The following half price initiative is in place in Kells.

The main highlights of the Initiative are:

 (1)   First 15 minutes free (Note – for all purchasing a Pay & Display Ticket, the free 15 minutes will be added to the expiry time e.g., someone paying the new minimum rate of 20c will receive 20 minutes plus 15 minutes Free = Total 35 minutes and so on.

 (2)   Reduced Minimum charge from 50c to 20c for 20 minutes

 (3)   Reduce price per hour to 50c.

Please see below table of price of tariffs

Ticket including the free mins
20c 35 mins
30c 51 mins
40c 1 hr 3 mins
50c 1hr 15 mins
60c 1 hr 27 mins
70c 1 hr 39 mins
80c 1 hr 51 mins
90c 2 hrs 3 mins
€1 2 hrs 15 mins
€2 2 hrs 15 mins

A number of car parks in Kells are Dual Car Parks where you can purchase a short or long term ticket.

Also on these dual and long term pay and display machines you can purchase a daily or weekly ticket.

All details are displayed on each pay and display machine along with the rates for daily and weekly ticket.

Kells Bye Laws

Details regarding Kells Residents Parking Permits are available in the document below.

Kells Bye-Laws 2010 pdf, 1,566kb