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Pay Parking

The Council regulates illegal parking and manages parking spaces on public roads and in public car parks to ensure a regular turn-over of parking spaces.

This regulation of illegal parking and turn-over of parking spaces makes our towns more accessible and more attractive to shoppers, customers, business people and tourists.

Meath County Council operates pay parking in Navan, Kells and Trim.

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Smart Meter Trails - November 2017

Smart Meters are modern, more secure and more user friendly meters that can accept credit and debit cards as well as contactless payments (Wave & Pay).

It is proposed to locate 2 of each meter type in each of the 3 towns; therefore each town of Navan , Trim and Kells will have 4 meters each.

The locations for the meters are as follows:


UTS - Parkeon Strada



               58 – Kells Rd Car Park

               32 – Trimgate Street



               36 – Market Street

               33 – Haggard Street Car Park



               5 – Bective Square

               12 – John Street South





               55 – Bedford Place

               34 – Kennedy Place



               8 – Castle Street Car Park

               16 – Emmett Street Car Park



               9 – Farrell Street

              39 – Council Offices Car Park