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Plastic Free July – Tips for Reducing Plastic - Reduce your use of Single-Use Plastic

Date Released: 09 July 2018

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Plastic free cleaning tips – cleaning products mostly come in plastic spray bottles, they often contain chemical ingredients and can be expensive to buy (the greater the promise of cleanliness the great the cost!). There are 3 natural ingredients that are super for cleaning all round your house, lemon, baking soda and vinegar, add a little elbow grease and your home will sparkle in no time.

Save money on cleaning products by making your own, for an all purpose cleaner simply fill an old spray bottle with vinegar and water. 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water for a squeaky result!

Make your mirrors sparkle by wiping mirror with scrunched up newspaper and a little vinegar, dry with a clean piece of newspaper. 

For the job everyone the toilet, sprinkle bread soda into the bowl, leave for a few minutes, scrub and rinse with vinegar.

Limescale ruining your lovely taps? Rub lemon juice around the taps and watch the limescale dissolve.

Line rubbish bins with several layers of newspaper, ok we know this isn’t practical for the kitchen bin (except your under counter compost bin) but it can be used for bins in bathrooms and bedroom.

 Plastic Free

Plastic free kitchen – are you still clinging on to clingfilm? Have you filled your freezer with plastic bags but still can’t figure what in looks like chicken but maybe it’s fish! Check out ways to reduce plastic in your kitchen.

Save your glass jars and bottles for purchasing bulk food and for storing leftovers.

Store leftovers in a bowl with plate over the top instead of using plastic wrap.

Wrap sandwiches in beeswax food wrap, reusable wrapping or paper, better still invest in a lunch box.

Use old plastic take out cartons or lunch boxes to store food in your freezer, these can be labelled so you know exactly what you are getting. It’s also useful to mark the date on the container as frozen food does not have an indefinite life span.


Plastic free out and about – we all lead busy lives and often eat and drink on the go but you can be plastic free on the move.

Use a reusable coffee cup, this is an easy one and there is a huge range of reusable cups on the market and some food retailers offer a discount if you bring your own cup. Disposable coffee cups are so last season, reusable cups are the ultimate accessory and bang on trend!

Provide your own containers for take-out places to use.

Take your own containers to restaurants if you think you'll have leftovers.

Choose a snack that isn't pre-wrapped.

Say ‘no’ to a straw

Go for an ice cream served in a cone (got to love an edible container).

Does it have to be on the go? Maybe take 5 minutes, sit down, relax and enjoy your coffee.


Plastic free shopping – grocery shopping can be a chore but there are plenty of opportunities to reduce plastic.

Bring your reusable bags shopping, Ireland gets top marks here, we’ve been doing this for years! There’s also lots of cotton bags available that are just as good, if not stronger, than reusable plastic bags.

Take your own containers for deli and butcher items (it's a good idea to tell them first why you are doing it so they don't then put your container in a plastic bag!). Be brave, the first time is the hardest and once you do it you’ll never look back!

Be a shopping snob! shop in supermarkets where fruit and veg can be bought without unnecessary plastic packaging, this will help reduce your food waste too as you can buy just what you need.

Be vocal, tell your supermarket you don’t want unnecessary packaging and packaging that can’t be recycled, they won’t want to lose your business.

Support your local economy and shop local, there are lots of fruit and veg in season at the moment that haven’t travelled thousands of miles, they taste better too!

Choose items in glass or paper packaging instead plastic.

Don’t be fooled by doubly wrapped ‘single’ servings, e.g. crackers, biscuits, this is plastic overload and the product is often more expensive than the single packet product, to avoid this type of food going stale simply store it in an air tight container or use a clip to seal the top of the packaging.


Beauty free plastic – there are so many beauty products on the market to keep us looking our best but it is not the best for our environment, carry out ‘plastic surgery’ on your beauty products and eliminate plastics!

For luscious locks choose a wooden / bamboo hair brush with wooden bristles and for those with flyaway hair this type of brush will create less static.

Ditch the liquid soap and go back to the old fashioned bar of soap, there are some lovely hand made soaps available made using natural products and essential oils, so better for our skin too!

Invest in a shampoo bar, minimum packaging and it lasts for ages, plus no more trying to squeeze the last few drops from a bottle. 

Ditch the makeup disposable wipes and go back to the old fashioned face cloth.


Plastic free pets! Do your pet (and all wildlife) a favour by reducing plastic use. Plastic is harmful to animals, they can ingest it or become entangled in it. 

Look for pet food which comes in paper bags. 

Take your own containers to the butcher and fishmonger for bones, fish and other meaty treats. 

Make your own doggy-doo bag with newspaper. Attach to the lead with a bulldog clip.

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