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Fire Status Kildalkey Area - the fire service is continuing to monitor and put fire mitigation measures in place in Kildalkey and will remain doing so whilst it is deemed necessary

Date Released: 04 July 2018



Meath County Council Fire Service had an extremely busy week dealing with bog/scrubland and forestry fires in the Brannockstown, Boardsmill and Fraine Bog, Kildalkey areas. Kildalkey village has been particularly badly affected with approximately 125 hectares of forestry outside of the village involved so far. In the Wood Lane area of Kildalkey some houses are affected by smoke from the smouldering fires but significant work has been done by the fire service with the assistance of Coillte and local people to maintain fire breaks and prevent fire spread.


Meath Fire Service monitoring the conditions in Fraine Bog from the ground and the air:


Fire at Fraine Bog



For a full week now, fire service crews have provided assistance to ensure the safety of people and property in the affected area and assistance to tackle the blazes this week provided from Coillte and local people has been invaluable, including the use of machinery for ‘fire breaks’ to prevent fire spread to areas as yet unaffected. The fire service are continuing to use a drone to provide an overview of difficult locations and inform decision making on how to best deal with the fires whilst monitoring weather conditions.

Meath Fire Service in attendance in Fraine Bog with Coillite felling trees to ensure the fire break is maintained and the fire won’t spread into an adjoining corn field:


Coillte felling trees


The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine issued a Condition RED warning which has effect until 12:00 on Friday and the advice is that all outdoor use of fires, barbeques and other open ignition sources be avoided on forest lands and in other high risk areas until further notice. Extreme caution is also advised with respect to hay making and the use of machinery and other agricultural activity that may also present a risk of fire in dry vegetation on cultivated land types in current conditions


Ahead of more warm and sunny weather, Meath’s Chief Fire Officer Sheila Broderick has advised that effective drought conditions have developed and an extreme fire risk exists in all areas with hazardous fuels so when enjoying the fine weather please do not leave litter behind you and dispose of waste and cigarettes properly. Everyone is asked not to light fires and only use barbecues in designated areas while the current weather conditions persist.

She said: “I would like to thank all those who assisted with the forestry and bog fires over the past week, particularly Coillte, Meath’s firefighters and local people and public representatives who have supported the fire service in their efforts to minimise the effects of these fires. We would ask that the public be extra vigilant with all possible sources of ignition including discarded cigarette butts and waste of any kind. If you see fires or smoke please contact 999 and provide as much information as you can to the controller, especially regarding the location. If we can get crews out quickly we have a much better chance of getting any fires under control particularly in rural areas where wildland or scrub fires could take hold.’

The fire service is continuing to monitor and put fire mitigation measures in place in Kildalkey and will remain doing so whilst it is deemed necessary. Meath County Council Fire Service ask that everyone play their part by being vigilant, using water responsibly and if concerned about fires or smoke calling 999 with good location details.


Regular updates from the Fire Service can be viewed on Twitter @MCCFireService.


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