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Street Feast 2018 - Sunday 10th June 2018 - Street Feast is Ireland’s nationwide day of street parties, community celebrations and neighbourhood lunches, which is taking place across the country on Sunday 10th June 2018.

Date Released: 08 June 2018

Street Feast 2018 


Press Release: 8th June 2018

Communities across Ireland are hosting 1,344 Street Feast celebrations this Sunday 10th June. Over 120,000 are neighbours expected to take part in this year’s festivities.


Ireland’s National Day of Street Parties and Community Celebrations

Friday 8th June - Street Feast are delighted to confirm that 1,344 Street Feast parties are taking place right across Ireland this Sunday 10th June.  The 9th Annual Street Feast day has been attracting greater numbers year on year, with over 120,000 neighbours expected to take part in this year’s festivities.

Street Feast is the national day of street parties and local lunches. It’s a very simple idea which has been growing steadily since it was started by a small team of volunteers in 2010. It’s an open invitation to come together at 12.00 noon on Sunday, 10th June in a nationwide act of community and friendship.

With over 558 Street Feasts in Dublin alone, the capital promises to be buzzing with community spirit come Sunday. But bunting lined streets and barbecues won’t just fill the streets of the capital. In Cork it is expected a record 104 Street Feasts will take place, while in Galway 67 communities will be sitting down to lunch. There will be feasts in every county of Ireland, taking place in parks, cul-de-sacs, footpaths, laneways, car parks, fields and front gardens.

Street Feast is delighted to be partnering with the majority of county councils and Public Participation Networks to bring the national day to their communities.

Street Feast is also thrilled to be partnering with Oireachtas na Gaeilge and Bliain na Gaeilge 2018 to facilitate 21 Irish language Street Feasts, Féasta Sráide, around the country.

Street Feast is an Irish local community building initiative and is an all-for-fun, do-it-yourself, not-for-profit celebration.  The project invites individuals, groups or clubs to share food and conversation with others in their neighbourhood in a nationwide act of community and friendship.  The all-inclusive, age-friendly initiative aims to encourage active participation, strengthen community connections and reduce isolation.  Everyone is encouraged to bring something along to share, whether it be a dish, a chair or a tune.


Patron of Street Feast, President Michael D Higgins congratulated the initiative,

“We must all by now realise the importance of community, inclusion, creativity and togetherness - all values that require support and a conscious effort of care, protection and solidarity.  Initiatives such as Street Feast provide exactly that type of opportunity.”


Orlaith Brennan who ran a Street Feast in Kerry last year said,

“I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s feast. Although we have lived in the neighbourhood for a number of years, this was our first time meeting many neighbours. We’re looking forward to our next feast in 2018.”


Kathleen McMahon, who ran a Street Feast in Headford Co Galway in 2017 had this to say;

“It is a wonderful way to bring people together as well as encourage cross cooperation between community groups. We had five groups come together to help with the feast. The Environment group, Community Garden, The Cottage Market, Sustainable Headford and the Yarnbombers! When we work together great things happen. We had well over 100 towns folk eating and enjoying the day!”


Speaking today, Sam Bishop, one of the founders and co-ordinator of Street Feast said:

“As a nation, we have always had a strong sense of community. Street Feast capitalises on this special quality to create real impact and lasting change.

Street Feast brings neighbours together through the universal language of food and is the conversation starter to more community-lead projects and ideas. We've seen wonderful projects start out of Street Feasts; MensSheds, Grow It Yourself (GIY groups), festivals, babysitting clubs, community gardens, resident associations and support groups have all grown out of Street Feast celebrations. The result is more active, inclusive, healthier communities that are environmentally sustainable and socially cohesive.

It's also important that we reconnect our neighbourhoods after a long and divisive political campaign like the one we have just seen. We need to continue these discussions about our future; about how we can build resilient and healthy communities that meet the needs of all people in Ireland.

The fact that we have 1,344 Street Feasts happening this Sunday means that there is a huge appetite for neighbourliness and connection.”

 Street Feast 2018 - Sunday 10th June 2018


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