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Remediation of Timoole Unauthorised Landfill Now Complete - with almost 70,000 tonnes of waste removed

Date Released: 25 May 2018

Meath County Council is pleased to announce that the remediation of Timoole unauthorised landfill is now complete with almost 70,000 tonnes of waste removed to Knockharley landfill, eliminating the environmental risk and filling the void with clean soil and stone.

The project has been delivered ahead of schedule and this also includes remedial works to the local roads, which was not part of the original project. The project had two separate working groups to ensure the highest level of communication, readiness in the event of an emergency situation, and transparency in the management of the project.

The Council would like to thank  all involved in the operational works and everyone who contributed to the project, particularly in communicating accurate information to the residents in the area.

The Council would also like to thank the residents in the area for their patience and understanding during the works and for their positive engagement with the project.  

Aerial View of Site:

Timoole Remediation - Aerial Photo


Photo illustrating the depth of the waste, over 5m deep:

22nd Jan - Photo illustrating the depth of waste

Photo of site after 70,000 tones of waste removed:

23 May - The finished site

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