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Bettystown and Laytown Beach, Co. Meath - shellfish on the beach since Storm Emma

Date Released: 16 March 2018


While daily inspections indicate a lessening of the problem, the removal of the significant remaining volumes of shellfish, crabs, lobsters etc washed up on the coast from Laytown to Bettystown would present major resource challenges to the Council, and while there are no proposals to do so at present, the situation will be monitored closely over the coming days and especially the impact of the forecasted high tide over the weekend which in most cases results in the accumulations being brought back out to sea.


It has also been suggested that nature taking its course in this way will serve to reduce the extent of fish smelling odours which is currently present in this area.


The Council have been in contact with The Marine Institute who suggest that these events are not unusual on the east coast and usually follow on from periods of strong easterly winds and that similar events occurred in other areas including Rosslare and Curracloe. They also point to far greater accumulations on the east coast of the UK brought about by storm Emma or the easterly gales that persisted prior to this storm.


The Council understand that the majority of Local Authorities affected depend on nature taking its course in having the accumulations washed out to sea by the tides.

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