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Invitation to Submit Expressions of Interest to sell land - Ashbourne - Expressions of Interest from landowners are invited for land in Ashbourne that is fit for purpose and located within 2.5km of Ashbourne town centre.

Date Released: 08 March 2017

Invitation to Submit Expressions of Interest to sell land to Meath County Council for a Public Park/Recreational Amenity in Ashbourne, Co. Meath


1. Introduction:


Meath County Council is seeking to provide a Public Park/Recreational Amenity in Ashbourne and in order to address the need for such an amenity, Meath County Council are considering purchasing land in Ashbourne from landowner(s). Expressions of Interest from landowner(s) are invited for land in Ashbourne that is fit for purpose and located within 2.5km of Ashbourne town centre.


2. Suitable Submissions:

Expressions of Interest from landowner(s) are invited for land that is fit for purpose for a public park in Ashbourne County Meath. 


All submissions should include the following information:


a)      Details of person / company, joint venture or collaboration submitting the proposal including the following:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact name (phone & email)


b)      Site location details of the potential site including site location map and site area.


c)       Description of existing site conditions (incl. ground conditions).


d)      Asking Price


e)      Date the land will be available from



3. Selection Criteria:


When making a decision, Meath County Council will consider the following:


  1. Suitability of location i.e. proximity to schools, shops, services, town centre etc.
  2. Proposed asking price.
  3. Utility services proximity.
  4. Nature of land i.e. topography, size, shape and ground conditions.
  5. Additional information at the discretion of the Local Authority based on quality and any other reasonable factor that is applicable to the land in question.




4. Cost of Preparation of Submission:

All costs and expenses incurred by Applicants relating to this submission and including any other costs, is to be considered as work at risk and no recovery of any costs from Meath County Council will be entertained. Meath County Council have no financial liability prior to signing of the contract. Applicants are advised not to make a submission if this condition is considered unacceptable.

5. Confidentiality:

Meath County Council will use its best efforts to hold confidential the proposed asking price provided by submission / expression of interest subject to their obligation under law, including the Freedom of Information Act 1997 and 2003. Meath County Council will consult with Applicants about sensitive information before making a decision on any FOI request received. Similarly, Meath County Council requires that all information provided pursuant to this invitation will be treated in strict confidence.  The submission(s) / expression of interest(s) will be considered by Meath County Council staff and any site deemed potentially feasible will be discussed with the elected representatives in a public forum.

6. Irish Legislation:

Applicants should be aware that national legislation applies in other matters such as Official Secrets, Data Protection and Health and Safety. People making a submission must have regard to statutory terms relating to minimum pay and to legally binding industrial or sectorial agreements in preparing submissions.


7. Meetings:

Meath County Council reserve the right to meet with people making the submission if considered necessary for the purposes of clarification of information received as part of the submission.

8. Conflict of Interest

Any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest on the part of an Applicant, individual employees, agents, or subcontractors of an Applicant must be fully disclosed to Meath County Council as soon as the conflict or potential conflict is (or becomes) apparent. In the event of any conflict or potential conflict of interest, Meath County Council may invite Applicants to propose means by which the conflict might be removed. Meath County Council will, at its absolute discretion, decide on the appropriate course of action, which may in appropriate circumstances include eliminating an Applicant from the process.


9. Applicant Exclusion:

An Applicant may be excluded if, to Meath County Council’s knowledge at the time of the decision, the Applicant has been convicted of an offence involving participation in a prescribed criminal organisation or corruption or fraud or money laundering.


An applicant may be excluded if the Applicant:


  • is subject to a bankruptcy or insolvency procedure or process of a kind specified in Regulation 53, paragraph (5) of the European Communities (Award of Public Authorities’ Contracts) Regulations 2006 or
  • has been found guilty of professional misconduct by a competent authority that is authorised by law to hear and determine allegations of professional misconduct against persons that include the Applicant or
  • has committed grave professional misconduct provable by means that the Meath County Council can demonstrate or
  • has not fulfilled an obligation to pay a social security contribution as required by a law of Ireland or the country or territory where the Applicant ordinarily resides or carries on business or
  • has not fulfilled an obligation to pay a tax or levy imposed by or under a law of Ireland or the country or territory where the Applicant ordinarily resides or carries on business or
  • has provided a statement or information to Meath County Council or another such authority knowing it to be false or misleading, or has failed to provide to Meath County Council or another such authority a statement or information that is reasonably required by Meath County Council or other authority for the purpose of making the decision concerned.


10. Queries

Queries can be made to the Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Services, via the email Any queries that give rise to any new information or clarification may be issued to all applicants depending on relevance. The identity of the Applicant who raised the initial query shall not be disclosed to other interested parties.


11. Contract:

Subject to contract / contract denied the acceptance of any proposal(s) by Meath County Council shall be subject to the final negotiation and agreement of satisfactory terms of contract with the Applicant(s) and subject to availability of funding.


12. Return Date and Address:

All submissions must be made in writing along with site location map of the proposed site and must be received in Meath County Council’s offices by 4.00pm on Friday, 21st April 2017.


Applicants should enclose their submission in a sealed envelope marked and addressed as follows:
“Submissions for sale of Land (Ashbourne) to Meath County Council” F.A.O. Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Services Department, Meath County Council, County Hall, Railway Street, Navan, Co. Meath.


Expression of Interest - Form


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