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Trailer Licences

Trailer Licence 

It is a legal requirement that heavy goods trailers are licensed. A heavy goods trailer is a trailer with a Gross Vehicle Design Weight in excess of 3,500kg

Annual Taxing

After registering a trailer for the first time in the State and paying the current fee of €60.00, there is no fee to renew the licence and the period of the licence is 12 months.

To renew your trailer licence you will need:

  • Application form TF100
  • Licence card TF5
  • Current Certificate of roadworthiness

First Licensing of single-stage built trailers manufactured on or after 29th October 2012 must be accompanied by a type approval certificate in order to be licensed for the first time in Ireland:

A type approval certificate will be supplied by the distributor/manufacturer when you purchase your trailer and either EC or Irish approval certificates are acceptable.

To apply for first licensing in the above category, you will need:

  • Application form TF100
  • Weight Identification certificate TF300A
  • Type Approval Certificate
  • Fee of €60

To apply for first licensing of vehicles manufactured before 29th October 2012 you will need:

  • Application form TF100
  • Form TF 300A (If previously registered or licensed in another member state – evidence of previous registration or licensing must accompany the application), otherwise Weight Identification certificate TF300B - this form must be completed by the manufacturer, or where the manufacturer cannot be contacted, the form must be completed by an Approved Test Centre (ATC) of the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) – the full list of ATC’s can be found at
  • Fee of €60

Please note that Trailer Licence applications are not processed at the motor taxation public counter. Following receipt of a valid application, the Trailer Licence will be processed in the motor taxation administrative office and posted out to the registered owner.