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Motor Tax for a public service vehicle

Public Service Vehicles (P.S.V.) are vehicles that carry passengers for hire or reward, and are separated into two categories:

Large Public Service Vehicle - LPSV (Vehicle capable of carrying more than eight passengers – e.g. Buses)

Small Public Service Vehicle - SPSV (Vehicles capable of carrying eight passengers or less only – e.g. Taxi's, Hackney's and Limousines)

In order to operate a vehicle as a P.S.V. there are two types of licence required:

  • P.S.V. Drivers Licence - 'the driver's badge'
  • P.S.V. Vehicle Licence

P.S.V. Driver and Vehicle licences are regulated by the National Transport Authority. For information on requirements and application process for these, please see

You need the following for the first time taxation of your P.S.V. vehicle:

  • Completed Application Form RF100 (If the vehicle is new you will obtain Form RF100 from your garage or if the vehicle is imported you will obtain it from the National Car Testing Service – ) or Form RF100A (available at ) if it is your first time taxing the vehicle upon a change of ownership to your name.
  • Appropriate Fee  - rates available at
  • Vehicle Insurance Details
  • P.S.V. Licence


You need the following to renew your P.S.V. motor taxation:

  • Completed application form, i.e. Reminder RF100B or Tax Renewal Form RF100A available at
  • Appropriate Fee – rates available at
  • Vehicle Insurance Details
  • P.S.V. Licence


Please note that in the case where vehicle arrears are due they will be charged at the “Private Vehicle” rate unless you have a P.S.V. Licence for the vehicle to be taxed that covers any such arrears period.