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Mid-East Homelessness Action Plan

The Mid-East Homelessness Action Plan

The Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 in Chapter 6 provides on a statutory basis for the establishment of a homelessness consultative forum or joint forums and the appointment of a Management group. The Act also provides a comprehensive statutory framework for the making and adoption of Homelessness action plans, implementing a recommendation in the National Homeless Strategy “The Way Home” which was published in August 2008.

Section 40 of the Act provides for the drafting and adoption of homelessness action plans within specified time periods, publication and circulation of the adopted plan and procedures for undertaking a review of a plan or preparing a new plan. As required under the terms of the Act, the plan has now been adopted by the three relevant local authorities in the Mid East Region, namely Meath, Kildare & Wicklow and submitted to the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government.

For full details of this plan, please download the full document from the link below:

Mid-East Homelessness Action Plan pdf, 1,327kb

For further details on this plan or any matter relating to homelessness, please contact the Housing Department on or by telephone on (046) 9097250