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Heritage Council Grants Scheme

The Heritage Council Grants Scheme for 2015 is now accepting applications. For information about the grants scheme, visit the Heritage Council website below:


The Heritage Council Announces €3.5m in Funding for Heritage Projects to be carried out in 2008

Heritage Training for Garda recruits, a survey of butterflies in Donegal and restoration work  to preserve buildings and artefacts are among the hundreds of projects that will receive over €3.4 million in funding from The Heritage Council this year. The projects will be carried out by community groups, individuals and educational institutions across the country. 

Projects are being funded in every county in the country covering a diverse range of heritage areas including;

  • monitoring Bottlenose Dolphins in Irish Waters,
  • a survey of bats in the Phoenix Park,
  • creating wildlife gardens at primary schools in Ballymun,
  • restoration of a traditional boat in Galway and workshops in traditional boat building,
  • training Garda recruits about legal aspects of heritage including illegal dumping,
  • tree felling and habitat destruction,
  • public awareness of archaeology sites on Achill Island,
  • restoration work to a church organ in Westmeath and funding for Walled Towns around the country. 


Other projects include;

  • work at local museums and archives,
  • archaeology projects,
  • the production of new publications on heritage and local heritage projects,

which will be carried out by community groups and voluntary groups across the country. 

“Public understanding about our national heritage has grown dramatically over the past number of years”, said Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council.”  This is very evident in the diverse range of wonderful projects we are funding this year from protecting native wildlife such as butterflies, bats and dolphins to restoring traditional boats and stone walls.   Our grants often promote the lesser-known aspects of our heritage.   Each year we see an increase in the range and quality of applications for funding for heritage projects and this correlates with research published by The Heritage Council last year that found 92% of a representative sample of the population think it is important to protect our heritage.” 

He continued ,”all of the projects awarded funding this year will contribute significantly to the protection and enhancement of our national  heritage.  The voluntary work carried out by community groups and individuals right across the country in bringing these projects to fruition will be enjoyed by this and future generations.  The range of projects that will receive funding this year also reflects the findings of our study.  It found that the top three reasons people want to protect and enhance our heritage are: personal health - protecting our natural heritage for walks, enjoyment and recreation, threats to the environment – safeguarding water quality and biodiversity is vital for our environment and concern for future generations.”

The Heritage Council is an independent statutory body established under the Heritage Act, 1995. The Council’s function is to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage.


The Heritage Council Grants Scheme offers grants for heritage projects under a range of headings.

  • Local Heritage
  • Publications
  • Buildings at Risk
  • Museums & Archives
  • Archaeology
  • Unpublished Excavations
  • Wildlife

Please see below for some examples of the Co. Meath projects that have received funding in the past.

Grant Recipients 2008


  • Forest & Environmental Research Services Ltd ‘Restoration of Riverside Habitat’ - €8,512
  • Balrath Wood Preservation Group ‘To enhance the biodiversity value of a semi natural habitat at Balrath Wood, Co. Meath - €15,000

Buildings at Risk (Roof Repair)

  • Loughbawn Lodge - €12,000
  • Milltown House - €10,000

Irish National Strategic Archaeological Research (INSTAR)

  • UCD School of Archaeology ‘An integrated comprehensive GIS model of landscape evolution & landuse history in the River Boyne Valley’ - €78,500

Irish Walled Town Network

  • Meath County Council ‘Completion of Conservation and Management Plan for Trim Town Walls (commenced in 2007) - €10,000
  • Meath County Council ‘Conservation of west stretch of Trim Town Walls – Phase 1’ - €60,000

Local Heritage

  • Mills and Millers of Ireland ‘Symposium on Water Matters’ - €700
  • Lismullin Institute ‘Evolution of the Roads of Ireland’ - €2,600


  • Slane Historical Society ‘Echoes of Another Day’ - €1,500
  • Ratoath Heritage Group ‘Ratoath, Past and Present’ - €2,000
  • Meath County Library and Archive Services ‘Meath County Archive – Facsimile Pack - €3,000
  • Ratoath Heritage Society ‘Old Graveyard Records’ - €3,000


  • Forest Environmental Research Services ‘A Survey of Nocturnal Macro-Moth Biodiversity Throughout Various Habitats in County Meath’- €11,000
  • Eamonn O’Donnell ‘A survey of the moths of Mornington, Co. Meath A Special Area of Conservation - €3,140
  • Bat Conservation Ireland ‘An investigation of the impact of residential, industrial and hotel developments on bat populations: Comparing pre- and post- development faunas - €12,000

Grant Recipients 2007

Buildings at Risk

  • Frayne House, Co. Meath -€25,000

Local Heritage

  • Broomfield & District Resident’s Association ‘The Heritage of Local Buildings of Broomfield and District Area’ - €7,000
  • Navan Travellers Workshop Ltd. ‘Navan Traveller’s Heritage Programme’ - €8,000
  • Baconstown Community & Heritage Group – ‘Graveyard & Monument Recording’ - €5,000


  • National Print Museum ‘Purchase of dataloggers for the National Print Museum Storage Facility’ - €400


  • Meath County Library ‘County Meath in 1812 – An Atlas using William Larkin’s Map with Commentary’ - €4,500


  • Balrath Woods Preservation Group ‘Balrath Woods Management Plan’ - €8,076
  • Crossakeel Tidy Villages Committee ‘Crossakeel Project’ - €2,500
  • Bat Conservation Ireland ‘Dabenton’s Bat Waterways Survey – Increasing Volunteer Participation’ - €3,500

Grant Recipients 2006

Buildings at Risk

  • Kells, Headfort House - €20,000
  • Enfield, Mount Hevey - €22,500

Local Heritage

  • Lismullin Institute ‘Lismullin Institute Seminar & Heritage Lecture Series - €1,500
  • Kells Heritage Centre ’Vicious Vikings’ - €2,000
  • Kells Waterworks 1897 Restoration Group ‘Restoration of Kells Waterworks 1897’ - €7,000
  • John Gilsenan ‘Restoration of 1908 Steam Engine’ - €7,000
  • Cruicetown Cemetery Conservation Committee ‘Cruicetown Cemetery’ - €5,000


  • Brendan Matthews ‘The Sack of Balbriggan’ - €1,300

Grant Recipients 2005


  • Colin Shell ‘Understanding the Loughcrew (Slieve na Calliagh) landscape; phase two on the ground - €14,000

Buildings at Risk

  • Whitewood House, Nobber - €10,000
  • Headfort House, Kells - €25,000
  • Boyne Valley Cottage, Donore - €8,500
  • St. James Church, Athboy - €20,000
  • St. Mary’s Abbey, Trim - €25,000

Local Heritage Grants

  • Tina Aughney ‘Batline and Summer Education Events’- €5,000
  • An Taisce – Meath Division ‘Boyne Canal Towpath Walk Development’ - €6,500
  • Lismullin Institute ‘Lismullin Institute Heritage Series. Series of seminars' - €1250
  • Trevet Graveyard Project ‘Archaeological Survey’ - €4,500
  • Ratoath Heritage Society – 'Recording Ratoath Graveyard – website project' - €2,500
  • Cruicetown Cemetery Conservation Committee ‘Cruicetown Cemetery – reinstatement of Boundary Wall - €5,000
  • Walsh’s & Son’s ‘Restoration of street clock - €6,000

Grant Recipients 2004


  • Paul Gibson ‘Geophysical investigation, using ground penetrating radar, magentometry and resistivity, of the major ecclesiastical sites at Clonard, Co. Meath. - €4,000

Buildings at Risk

  • Whitewood House, Nobber - €12,500
  • Newcastle House, Newcastle - €40,000

Local Heritage

  • Kells Waterworks 1897 Restoration Group ‘Conservation Report on Kells Waterworks - €3,000
  • Tina Aughney ‘National Bat Conservation Awareness Programme. Grant specifically for the employment of a bat conservation officer’ - €6,000


  • Tina Aughney ‘On line bat records database’ - €15,000

Grant Recipients 2003


  • George Eogan ‘Test the hypothesis that Neolithic used rising tides to float large boats or rafts carrying megalithic blocks up to 10 tonnes in weight to a riverbank site below Newgrange, Co. Meath - €5,800
  • Colin Shell ‘Understanding the landscape of Loughcrew through airborne lidar survey and digital spatial analysis.

Buildings at Risk

  • Headfort School, Kells - €30,000
  • Annesbrook House, Duleek - €25,000
  • Sunnybank, Clonee - €5,000

Grant Recipients 2002


  • Trinity College Dublin ‘Carry out a detailed mineralogical and chemical analyses of major and trace elements in the 92 micro core samples from kerbstones and orthostatus in Knowth, Co. Meath’ - €18,522.75

Buildings at Risk

  • Headfort School, Kells - €54,000
  • Trimblestown Graveyard, Trim - €20,000

Local Heritage

  • Kilbride Preservation ‘Specialist advice on the care of Kilbride Burial Ground’ - €1,000

Grant Recipients 2001


  • George Eogan ‘Undertake field-work including detailed examinations of rock outcrops etc at Brugh na Boinne’ - €13,316

Buildings at Risk

  • Somerville House, Balrath - €50,000