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Conservation Guidelines

Conservation Guidelines

The information below contains the basic principles of conservation and restoration. Knowledge of our architectural heritage leads to increased awareness of its value.

Advice Series for Owners of Traditionally Built Buildings

In August 2007, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government launched a new advice series for owners of traditionally built buildings.

The Advice Series will continue with further publications. A guide to the repair of thatched roofs is currently in preparation in collaboration with Fingal County Council. Amoung the topics to be addressed in future publications are the repair of slate roofs, the repair of historic ironwork and the care of decorative finishes.

The publications in this series are available to download below.

Improving the Accessibility of Historic Buildings and Places (2011) pdf, 1,339kb

The Conservation of Places of Worship (2011) pdf, 1,544kb

Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings(2010) pdf, 1,913kb

Roofs - a guide to the repair of historic roofs(2010) pdf, 1,944kb

Ruins - the conservation repair of masonry ruins(2010) pdf, 3,865kb

Bricks - a guide to the repair of historic brickwork (2009) pdf, 1,875kb

Iron - the repair of wrought and cast ironwork (2009) pdf, 1,620kb

Maintenance - A Guide to the Care of Older Buildings(2007) pdf, 712kb

Windows - A Guide to the Repair of Historic Windows(2007) pdf, 803kb

Guidelines for Works in Architectural Conservation Areas pdf, 75kb

Architectural Survey and Assessment of a Protected Structure pdf, 23kb

The Care of Stained Glass Section1-2 pdf, 1,644kb

The Care of Stained Glass Section3-5 pdf, 976kb

Homes and Heritage the Mourne Homestead

Homes and Heritage the Mourne Homestead pdf, 1,168kb

Department of Arts, Heritage and Local Government

Conservation Principles pdf, 258kb

Sources of Information pdf, 1,580kb

Interior joinery pdf, 232kb

Decorative plasterwork pdf, 167kb

Stone-walling pdf, 245kb

Paving and Street Furniture pdf, 378kb

Interior Decoration and Finishes pdf, 128kb

Shopfronts pdf, 217kb

Settings and Landscape pdf, 226kb

Fire Safety, Security and Maintenance pdf, 52kb