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Meath Field Monuments Advisor Scheme

Farmers are the day to day managers of our landscape and are the private landowners of the majority of archaeological sites. Ancient monuments are protected by the National Monuments Act 1930 – 2004 legislation.

In response to this the Heritage Council in partnership with Meath County Council, established the Field Monument Advisor Scheme in the county. Rosanne Meenan was employed as Field Monuments Advisor for County Meath from 2006 to 2009.

The objective of the programme was to support landowners in the care of archaeological monuments in their ownership. The Field Monument Advisor helps farmers by providing information on the archaeological field monuments of their land and by contributing to farmer training programmes.

Information provided by Field Monument Advisors includes:

  • how to care for archaeological sites in farmland, as well as
  • details on the type and known date of a site.

Farm visits can be spent working through management issues of the archaeology on the farm. Through the farmer’s interest and enthusiasm ways to care for archaeological sites can be identified as part of the day to day farming activity.

Please see below for an information leaflet published by the Heritage Council.

Farming and Archaeology pdf, 747kb

Irish Farming Heritage pdf, 990kb

The Nature of Irish Farming pdf, 867kb