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Protocol for the Use of Bio-solids in Agriculture

Meath County Council has recently adopted a ‘Protocol for the Use of Bio-solids in Agriculture'. This protocol was implemented from the 31st March 2011.

The aim of the protocol is to provide a clear and concise guide to all wastewater treatment plant operators, sludge handling contractors, consultants and landowners of the standards considered appropriate by Meath County Council.

The protocol aims to clarify that only ‘treated sludges’ may be applied to agricultural lands in Co. Meath. It outlines the lands it can be spread on and explains the procedure of application for permission to land-spread this material in the county. The overall objective is to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements and Codes of Practice already in existence for the use of sewage sludge. The protocol also outlines the controls in place to give a confidence to landowners in the use sewage sludge on their lands.

Meath County Council is committed to ensuring that best practice is carried out in this regard across our key functional areas and will continue to make County Meath a green place to live, work and visit.

Please download and view this document at the following link:


Protocol for the Use of Bio-solids in Agriculture pdf, 661kb