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Environment Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs | Litter | Noise | Waste Management Businesses
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment | Worm Composting


Where do I purchase a dog licence?

Who is responsible for a dog in a public place?

Who enforces the law in relation to the control of dogs?

Who deals with nuisance caused by barking dogs?

What are the penalties for breaches of the law in relation to dogs?


What is Litter?

How much is an on-the-spot litter fine?

What is the maximum penalty on conviction in the Courts for a littering offence?

How can I report littering?

If I find bags of waste dumped, what do I do?

Waste Management Businesses

What is a Waste Collection Permit?

How much does it cost to apply for a Waste Collection Permit?

How long does it take for a decision on my Waste Collection Permit?

Where can I get details of EWC (European Waste Catalogue) Codes?

What is a Waste Management Permit?

How much does it cost to apply for a Waste Management Permit?

Are there any other charges applicable for Waste Permits?

How long is a Waste Management Permit granted for?

How long does it take for a decision on my Waste Facility Permit?

Any person may make a submission within 25 working days following the making available of an application for inspection.

How long do I have to make a submission/objection to a Waste Facility Permit?

Can I review my Waste Facility Permit?


Who do I complain to regarding noise from our neighbours?

Are any types of noise excluded?

When can one take action to deal with noise or nuisance?

Will the District Court solve my problem?

What about noise from licenced premises/discos?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

What is WEEE?

Where are the WEEE Collection Points (Recycling Centres) in Co. Meath?

How much does it cost the retailer to register under WEEE?

What benefits does the retailer get from registering?

Will registered retailers have to pay the €2 charge?

Is there an alternative to going to the Recycling Centre?

Worm Composting

What are the benefits of worm composting?

Can I make my own worm system?

What about pests and vermin when I vermicompost?

Where can I get a vermicompost system?

Do I need to look out for anything in particular when I start my bin?

Should the worm bin be located in any special location?

What can I compost?

How much material can I feed my worms each week?

What materials can I put in a worm bin?

Are there any other potential problems?

Where do I get the worms?

Can I use garden earth worms in the bin?

What are the little white worms I sometimes see in the worm bin?

What about the liquid that starts to come out of the holes at the end of the bin?

How many worms do I need?

Once the bin is full what do I do?

What can I use the compost for?

What about worms in the compost once I use it?