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Climate Change and Energy

Meath County Council's Strategy for Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the most important issues that we as a Council have to tackle. Meath County Council is committed to tackling the causes and effects of a changing climate while continuing to deliver excellence in our services to the wider community. Meath County Council will lead the way by adapting our behaviour to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, increase our energy efficiency, and promote sustainable development.

The overall objective is to comply with, and exceed where possible, the targets from Central Government and other best international standards. Meath County Council commit to focus on implementing a range of measures across our key functional areas and will continue to make Meath a green place to live, work and visit.


Energy Management 

Meath County Council consumes significant amounts of energy in its buildings, facilities, equipment, and fleet and through the delivery of services to the wider community.  The Councils mission is to develop as a leading Local Authority for sustainable energy use and to promote the importance of good energy management for the economic, social and environmental well-being of the County’s residents and businesses

Meath County Council will strive to become a LOW CARBON COUNCIL by using energy more efficiently and by using and developing more of our own low-carbon energy sources.

We are committed to improve our energy efficiency by 3% annually in line with the national Public Sector improvement target of 33%  2009 – 2020. 


What the Council is Doing?

Meath County Council has signed up to the Public Sector Partnership Programme with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and will adopt their Energy Map process and best practice guidance to help us achieve our commitments.

Meath County Council recognizes that energy consumption can have detrimental impacts on the environment including climate change which is the biggest potential threat to global health in the 21st century. The Council is dedicated to confronting these challenges by embracing and promoting sustainable environmental opportunities and by translating best practice into our day to day operations.

A multi-faceted approach will be adopted in addressing sustainability issues while maintaining a healthy, green and comfortable environment for our staff and community as well as addressing the need to reducing environmental impacts from pollution, waste, transport, water, ecology, materials and equipment.

By reducing carbon emissions Meath County Council will help to play its part in the fight against climate change and becoming a more sustainable green healthcare organisation.

On the 4th of November 2013 we adopted our Energy Policy which can be downloaded below.

Meath County Council is continuously working to improve our Energy Efficiency across the organisation, projects to date include: upgrading our leisure facilities, corporate building, public lighting, installation of a fleet management system in our Council owned fleet, rolling out energy awareness amongst our staff.  The Council reports annually to SEAI via their M&R system on our energy consumption, energy expenditure and energy savings achieved throughout the reporting year.  SEAI produce an energy performance scorecard for each public sector organisation, you can find out how Meath County Council are progressing towards their 2020 target at the following link

SEAI publish Annual Reports on Public Sector Efficiency Performance which set out an analysis of the data reported by public bodies who submitted complete reports using the M&R system. 


Public Sector Programme

The Public Sector has been challenged to reach verifiable energy-efficiency savings of 33%. This target requires management commitment at the highest level and the involvement of all public sector employees.

The Public Sector target is bold, but reaching it is essential for our economy, our environment and the country. Every year Ireland spends almost €6 billion on imported energy, with a Public Sector energy spend of €500 million per annum.

SEAI - Public Sector Programme


2020 Vision

“The public sector will improve its energy efficiency by 33% and will be seen to lead by example - showing all sectors what is possible through strong, committed action” 



Meath County Council Energy Policy pdf, 159kb