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We are the primary unit of Local Government in County Meath, established in 1899 under the 1898 Local Government (Ireland) Act. We received constitutional recognition in 1999. 

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Roles, Responsibilities and Functions

The Council has 40 elected members from six municipal districts across the County. They are directly elected by proportional representation with a single transferable vote.  Elections are held every five years.  The Chairman is elected from the elected members at the annual meeting of the Council.

Functions performed by the elected representatives are called “reserved functions”.  The Council makes its decisions by “resolution” at its meetings.

Reserved functions include:

•             Adopting the Annual Budget

•             Making or varying the Development Plan

•             Adopting a plan of letting priorities for Local Authority Housing

•             Making, amending and revoking bye laws

•             Approval for borrowing

We hold monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month (excluding August). We also hold an Annual Meeting and a Budget meeting, and any other meetings as required for business. Members of the public and media have a right to attend council meetings.


Governance and Management


Chief Executive and Staff

We have responsibility for the efficient and effective operation of Meath’s administration. We ensure the implementation of the decisions of the elected members.  The Chief Executive carries out the executive functions of the Council.

These functions include:


•             Employment of staff

•             Granting or refusal of planning permissions

•             Property management

•             Day to day running of the Council


The Chief Executive, with the support of staff, carries out daily administration and makes decisions in writing, called “Chief Executive’s Orders”. These are circulated to the elected members at the monthly meeting.


Our Management Team

  • Jackie Maguire – Chief Executive
  • Des Foley - Director of Services for Corporate Services, Human Resources, Transportation, Emergency Services, Trim & Ratoath Municipal Districts
  • Kevin Stewart - Director of Services for Planning, Economic Development, Environment, Kells & Navan Municipal Districts
  • Barry Lynch - Director of Services for Housing, Community & Library, Arts & Culture
  • Fiona Lawless – Director of Services for Finance, Motor Tax, Information Systems, Procurement, Internal Audit, Water Services, Laytown/Bettystown & Ashbourne Municipal Districts


Strategic Policy Committees

We have established Strategic Policy Committees (SPC’s). These are chaired by an elected member but include elected members and sectoral/community interests.  SPC’s advise the Council on policy matters.

The Strategic Policy Committees of the Council are:

•             Planning, Economic Development and Enterprise

•             Environmental

•             Transportation

•             Housing, Social, Community and Cultural


Corporate Policy Group

The chairpersons of the SPCs together with the chairperson of the Council form a Corporate Policy Group (CPG).  This group links the work of the SPCs together. It provides a forum where policy decisions affecting Meath can be agreed for submission to the full Council.

Both the SPCs and the Corporate Policy Group have legal recognition. They are supported by the management structure.


Services we deliver include:


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Electoral Register arrow navy

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Environment arrow navy

RecyclingDog LicencesWaste Management PermitsNoiseBin CollectorsWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment


Housing arrow navy

Renting Local Authority Housing FAQs


Libraries arrow navy

How to JoinMulti-Cultural ResourcesCommunity Facilities and ServicesHow to Use our Online Service


Planning and Development arrow navy

Find a Planning Permission ApplicationHow to Apply for Planning PermissionDevelopment Plans,  Planning Permission Frequently Asked Questions


Roads arrow navy

Roads QueriesMotor Tax


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Water Services arrow navy

Who to contact about Water Leaks, Water Metering, Queries about Loss of Water Supply, Flooding on Roads, Well Grants, Water Connections, and more.



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