Getting High Speed Internet

Fixed Line Connections | Wireless Providers


Fixed Line Connections

There is a lot of activity taking place in Co. Meath to supply high speed internet access to everyone. It’s not taking place fast enough for everyone, however by the time the commercial rollout is completed 64,027 premises in the county will have access to speeds over 30Mbs through fixed line connections. Open eir are actively rolling out to over 11,640 premises in Co. Meath as part of their commercial rural fibre rollout plans. 


Broadband Map Dec 2017


Open eir’s services will be available to the public through a range of telecoms retailers. Check out the openeir website to check availability in your premises and find out who your local retailer is.

SIRO are also rolling out in Co. Meath with Fibre to the Home services in Bettystown, Laytown and Mornington; in Navan and plans in development to deliver fibre to homes in other major towns in the county. SIRO’s services will be available from Vodafone and Digiweb who can supply broadband speeds up to 1Gb. For further information check out

Virgin Media have a presence in several towns in Co. Meath. Their service provides up to 360 Mbs. Virgin Media are actively expanding their network in Co. Meath with new homes and estates being connected daily. For further details check out

If you live in an Amber area, you may be able to get good internet access through one of the many wireless internet service providers.


Wireless Providers

If you are not able to secure a fixed line connection for broadband access then you could consider one of the wireless providers. Wireless Internet can deliver high speed internet in over 30 Mbs however in most cases the providers aim to provide between 10 and 18 Mbs at present.

All the mobile providers are currently improving their services. In order to do this additional significant investment has been made existing mobile phone masts. This work is replacing older technologies with newer more reliable equipment able to carry more voice and data traffic.

The strength of your mobile phone and wireless internet signal is very dependent on a wide range of factors. These include the topography of the land, the prevalence of trees around your location, how well insulated your premises is and the handset or device you are using to connect to the internet. Wireless internet works on line of sight and therefore if anything is between you or your wireless antenna and the mast antenna then it will reduce your signal.

All of the mobile phone companies have a large amount of antennae in Co. Meath. In order to improve services they are investing in sharing mobile phone masts and identifying sites for new masts. As consumers increasingly use their phones to access the internet it will increase demand on the networks and drive the need for additional mast sites to maintain services.

Currently in Co. Meath residential and business premises can secure wireless internet access from a range of suppliers. In order to find out who has the closest service to your premises you can check out the ComReg map ( ) which identifies the locations of all mobile phone antennae in the state.

For further information on the wireless internet services from your mobile phone provider check out their websites or contact them for details.

As well as the mobile phone Telco’s there are some dedicated wireless internet providers such as Rural Wifi and Imagine Broadband.

Rural Wifi provide customers with an antenna and transmitter which will lock on to the strongest mobile phone signal regardless of provider and securely link with their service unless reset.

Imagine Broadband will set up a connection between an antenna in your premises with one of their mast sites. Imagine do restrict the number of connections each antenna has in order to maintain quality of service.

Satellite Broadband services will provide up to 22Mbs download and 6Mbs Upload virtually anywhere in the county. Services are available from Digiweb and europasat