Council Role

The majority of people in Co. Meath already have access to high speed broadband and more will be connected under the current rollout plans. The commercial sector has invested heavily in upgrading its networks in recent years especially in areas of high population density, but rural dwellers are significantly limited in terms of the broadband service they can obtain. The National Broadband Plan (NBP) will bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas by subsidising the installation of fibre broadband in rural areas.

Unfortunately 23% of Co. Meath premises are located in the intervention area which will not be part of the rollout by the commercial sector. Work is ongoing in the council to ensure a smooth and speedy rollout of this important infrastructure project. Committees are being established from across the various disciplines of the council to ensure that Meath is prepared for the rollout. These committees are working with the Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers to facilitate the speedy rollout of Fibre broadband networks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Meath County Council is also developing a Digital Strategy which will also drive awareness of the plan and ensure the county is ready to take full advantage of the service when it comes on-stream.

The Council is delivering on its commitments under the National Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce by appointing a single point of contact to link with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment NBP team, the Department of Rural & Community Development, the Telecommunications Operators and the departments within in Meath County Council supporting the development of broadband infrastructure in the county.