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Security and Fire Safety Advice for Older People

Security is an increasing concern for everyone. There is no point in being over-worried, but there is also no point in not taking some care to reduce whatever risk there is. 

  • Check on all callers to your door.Do not invite strangers or door-to-door sales people into your home. ESB, Eircom, County Council, Garda and Health Workers should always be asked for their I.D. If you think a caller looks suspicious, keep him/her out. A door (chain) will enable you to partly open the door.
  • Lock up: there is no need to turn your home into a fortress but it is important to have good locks fitted to your windows and doors. LOCK them every time you leave the house. DO NOT leave spare sets of keys outside the house, thieves know the hiding places too.
  • Fire Safety: Fit smoke alarms in your hallways. Take care changing batteries.Open Fires: have the chimney cleaned regularly. Always use a fire safety guard on open and radiant fires. Do not dry clothes on fire safety guards or storage heaters. Never cover convector or storage heaters.Be extra careful when using candles. Make sure they are fixed to a solid base and do not leave candles unattended and do not forget to extinguish them.If there are smokers in the house, make sure they extinguish cigarettes properly.

Directory of Healthy Ageing Information Resources for Older People

This directory includes leaflets, videos and guidebooks on housing rights and entitlements, lifestyle and personal development. The Directory is available from the National Council on Ageing and Older People’s website, To order a copy, telephone NCAOP on 01-6766484.

Irish Association of Older People

The Irish Association of Older People is a national voluntary and membership based organisation of older citizens. The main objectives are:

  • to serve as the direct voice of older people;
  • to campaign on their behalf;
  • to serve as an information centre;
  • to provide a forum for them to act as a social force;
  • to afford an opportunity for debate and action.

The Association networks with local, national and issue driven groups and actively participates in transnational projects within the European Union in formulating policies and best practice for the betterment of older people.The Association is administered on a voluntary basis.Membership is open to persons over fifty-five years and the annual subscription is €10.00.

The Irish Association of Older People can be contacted at:
Room B15, University College, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2
Tel/Fax:     01-475 0013
Tel:            01-475 0071

Services for the Elderly

Household Maintenance and Repair Service

Services for the Elderly provides a household maintenance and repair service to the over 60’s and the disabled in County Meath. South Meath Social Economy (SMSE) Ltd. is a social economy project funded by FÁS and therefore can deliver the service, county-wide, at a reduced rate.

The services provided include:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Disability Access
  • Roofing Maintenance 
  • All Types of Carpentry 
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Sewage/Surface Waste
  • Attic Insulation
  • House Cleaning

For further information or to avail of this service, contact SMSE Ltd., Enterprise Centre, Trim on 046-9437282, FREEPHONE 1800 909 000 or by email