Local Development Strategy

Meath LDS LEADER 2020 pdf, 6,331kb


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The Local Development Strategy for County Meath is structured on a framework of six high-level local objectives congruent with the principal themes of rural economic development, social inclusion and rural environment as set out in the National Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020. These local objectives are not wholly discrete and many of the issues included under one objective may also relate to elements of the others.

The Local Action Group will have in place an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) which sets-out the scheduled LDS activity for the coming year and places it in context with the LDS. The proposed template for the AOP will include at a minimum the following detail: meeting dates and application deadlines; schedule and theme(s) for time-bound calls; project development; animation and capacity building; communication plan; monitoring and evaluation; and financial planning. The AOP will order the interface between the Local Action Group, its stakeholders, target groups, existing customers and all intending applicants seeking LEADER aid. Effective planning and the efficient facilitation of rural communities seeking to engage with LEADER will be a central objective of the AOP.

The Local Development Strategy for County Meath sets out to establish clear linkages with other relevant development plans and programmes relating to County Meath including those developed by local government, external state agencies and community organisations. The Local Development Strategy for County Meath provides a readily accessible resource for anyone wishing to find out what actions the Local Action Group intends to take to advance the position of rural dwellers in County Meath over the coming five year period under each of the Strategy’s six primary objectives. However, it is always important to set the context, and therefore the Local Development Strategy for County Meath also offers an overview of the relevant policy context; identifies the needs and priorities within the County; and outlines the progress which has been achieved since 2009 in the culmination of the previous LEADER Programme in County Meath.

In relation to each of the primary objectives and developmental issues they address, the Local Development Strategy (LDS) clearly states the strategic initiatives, actions, targets and indicators and it is intended that progress towards the achievement of these targets will be reviewed annually. The Local Development Strategy for County Meath conforms largely to the submission template advised by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and is set out accordingly.