Commercial Rates

What are Commercial Rates?

Rates are a Commercial Charge levied by Local Authorities on the occupiers of commercial and industrial property.  Local Authorities collect rates based on property valuations.

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Rates for New Business Premises

Commercial Properties are listed by your local Authority.  The listing will then go the Valuation Office (details below).  A Valuation Officer will visit your premises to value the property. The valuation depends on factors such as the business location, square footage, and the nature of the business.  If you have any queries in relation to your valuation, please contact:

Valuation Office Ireland
Irish Life Centre
Abbey St Lower
Dublin 1
Tel: +353 1 817 1000
Fax: +353 1 817 1180

The Valuation officer informs your Local Authority of the valuation of your property. Your Local Authority then calculates your rates using the current years Annual Rate on Valuation. The Annual Rate on Valuation is determined at the Budget Meeting each year. 

View the 2019 Rates

County Meath Rates for 2019

You will be sent a rate demand, informing you of your commercial rates for the coming year. This amount is broken into two moiety's or instalments. The first instalment is due on receipt of the rate demand. The second instalment is due on the 1st July each year.


2019 Business Support Scheme 

Details of the above scheme are now available - Business Support Scheme

How to Pay

Online Payment - pin number required, please contact the Rates Office @ 046-9097455

Pay your Commercial Rates Online

Direct Debit

To pay by Direct Debit, simply complete the direct debit form supplied with your rate demand, and send to your Local Authority Office.

Arrangement with Revenue Collector

A Payment Plan may be arranged with your Revenue Collector / Account Manager.

Cash Desk

You can pay at the cash desk at your Local Authority office.


You can send a cheque to your Local Authority office.

Debit or Credit Card

Telephone your Local Authority office to pay by debit or credit card.

Payments Cards

You can pay at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

Closing a Business

If you close your business, please notify the Rates Revenue Section as soon as possible.

Rates are payable on all valued commercial/industrial property. However where such a property becomes vacant, and the rates have been paid in full, the owner can seek a refund from the Local Authority of the rates paid provided it can be shown that:

1) The property was available for letting


2) The property was undergoing alterations, renovations or repairs.

Inspection of Properties as a result of vacancy/part vacancy/change of ownership

As part of the inspection process, it may be necessary to take photographic evidence to ascertain the commercial usage only and will not be used for any other purposes.  This will be carried out by your Account Manager who will have official ID with them.

Responsibility of Rates

The occupier of a premises is legally liable for payment of Rates on the premises.   If the occupier vacates the property, Meath County Council must be notified.  Please  See Property Transfer Duty - Section 32 for more information

Non-Payment of Rates

Failure to pay your Rates by the specified period will result in legal proceedings being issued, followed by a Court Summons. The Council may register a judgment mortgage on the property, or in extreme cases apply for a committal order.

Use of Rates Money

Your money will be spent on any of the various functions of the Council, such as Roads, Sanitary Services, Public Lighting, Environmental Controls etc.


For further information or assistance on Commercial Rates, please contact:

Rates Office
Buvinda House
Dublin Road
Co Meath

Tel: 046-909745/9097480
Fax: 046-9097001